Banking Systems

Austrian and European major banks as well as international ATM manufacturers trust in S&T EPS’s innovative solutions. With S&T EPS’s premium partners like Diebold, Glory and KEBA with their worldwide network of subsidiaries offering sales and service the world market is the target. The domestic Austrian market is covered directly by S&T EPS as well as COM ONE offering both sales and maintenance forces.

S&T EPS’s is market leader in self-service OEM coin deposit solutions for banking industries. With the so-called C-MASTER series (models CMS and CMD) the complete scale of automated cash deposit for coins and banknotes. There are stand-alone und OEM-systems offered. The patented core technology is the vertical coin conveyor as well as the certificated sensor technology form the oustanding unique-selling-propositions. Two
major national banks and ECB member banks have successfully tested S&T EPS’s coin recognition sensors and confirmed in written 100% recognition of false coins.

S&T EPS is ready for any on-site comparison test.
Ask for your test and convince yourself from a new dimension of reliability in the self-service coin deposit industry.