Self-service cash deposit systems are our business whereby coin handling is our core competence. The high robustness against non-coin bodies and moisture as well as the confirmed 99,9% recognition of false coins* represent the main advantages of the solutions of S&T EPS.
The systems divide into coin and coin/banknote deposit systems. Integrated systems for coins and banknote deposit function are equipped with a single note feed module. Further, there are options for OEM coin deposit modules.


Self-service cash deposit for coins with one conveyor (<500 coins per min) and two filling containers.
The CMS-Master was designed for 24-hour self-service coin deposition operation. Core of the CMS master is the coin deposit SCM / CCM. By established indestructibility through foreign solid objects, which are usually thrown together with coins, and the direct recording of the paid coins this device guarantees the highest operational reliability and rapid amortization.