Rehatron alpha

The Non-invasive Induction Therapy of REHATRON™alpha works with magnetic energy. Through the treatment loop, which is placed on the parts of the body to be treated (the patient does not have to prepare for the treatment, meaning he may remain dressed during the procedure), short but extremely strong magnetic fields are delivered to the body in a few microseconds.
It does not depend on the height of the pulse (maximum value of magnetic flux density), but rather to the emitted dose (output power over the entire duration of the treatment).
The Non-invasive Induction Therapy with REHATRON™alpha is applied for delayed bone fracture healing of long bones, pain management of radiculopathy, diabetic foot ulcers (wound healing), depression and benign prostatic hyperplasia. The treatment is painless and free of side effects and is an outpatient procedure. Before or after the treatment no longer rest periods are needed.

About 250 doctors, therapists and hospitals use REHATRON™alpha. We will be pleased to provide you with contacts according to your location.